Dendrobium Orchid

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Dedrobium Orchid – Asexual Reproduction
Dendrobium Sympodial One method of reproducing asexually for Dendrobium orchids is to grow sympodials.  These growths occur along the rhizome.  A pseudobulb bulb forms at the base of the sympodial.  These pseudobulbs store moisture as well as nutriends for the orchid.  In certain cases, Dendrobium orchids can more than one of these pseudobulds growing at the same time.


Dendrobium Sympodials

Dendrobium Keikis If the light levels are too low Dendrobium orchids use yet another method to reproduce.  Offshoot off of  the mother plant called kiekis form.  Keikis forms from sprouting along the length of the stem of the Dendrobium orchid.


Dendrobium Keikis