Orchids-How often should I water my orchid?

It depends on the climate that the plant is in; the key is that orchids like to go a little dry in-between watering.  In exception to the Phalaenopsis that likes to stay consistently moist.

What are acceptable temperatures for my orchid?

Please refer to the specific care tips for your particular orchid variety for preferred temperatures. Orchids can be exposed to temperatures outside of their preferred range for brief periods of time. Extended cold will cause leaves to turn yellow and eventually fall off.

How should I fertilize my orchid?

Any balanced liquid-based fertilizer such as 20-10-20 may be applied

What do I do when it stops blooming? Do I cut the stem off?

When all the flowers fall off, you can cut the spike at the base with a pair of sterilized clippers. The clippers can be sterilized using rubbing alcohol.

How can I get it to bloom again?

It will bloom again with minimal care on your part. Simply fertilize and water as recommended above for about twenty weeks, then cut back the fertilization to no more than once a month.

How much light does it need?

Direct sunlight will damage the plant. Phalaenopsis favor low light, placing the plant in an East-facing window should provide adequate amount of light. Other orchid varieties require slightly brighter light, best achieved in a South-facing window. Alternatively, you can place the plant outside in a spot that will allow it to receive the appropriate amount of sunlight.

Can I grow my orchid outdoors?

Yes, but you must remember the following:

- The media the plant is grown in needs to have large particles of rock, charcoal or tree bark for good drainage.
-The plant needs to be in an area where it receives either the morning light or the late afternoon light.
-The temperature can’t be below 50° Fahrenheit.